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Eclipse Pre Workout - Blueberry

Eclipse Pre Workout - Blueberry

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Eclipse Pre Workout is blend a for all levels of athletes with a great flavour and mixability. Formulated to deliver superbly balanced blend and blood flow ingredients.

  • Enhanced muscle pump.
  • Elevated concentration.
  • Mental and physical stimulation.
  • Amplified endurance.
  • Post workout recovery.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best pre workout I’ve tried so far !

This pre workout tastes amazing ! Pump is good and also don’t get to much of that tingle from the beta alanine which is ideal for me but more of a focus during my workouts and also a good buzz . Don’t feel to shitty the next morning after using this which is what I have found using other pre workouts . Definitely worth buying , already bought my second tub !

Best Pre-Workout around

Hands down the best pre-workout out there!
The flavor is brilliant, the focus and pump you get is unreal, without any of the crashing or stomach problems from others.
Genuinely can’t recommend it enough!

Amazing Pre Workout

Loving The Eclipse Pre Workout lads, excellent work 👏.

I'd stopped taking other pre-workout's due to the post workout crash / feeling rough later in the day.

But, not had any of those negatives after a week of sessions on yours - just a great buzz in the gym 👌

Love the natural taste, really stands it apart from others I've tried in the past!